Welcome to the All-Party Parliamentary Taxation Group

Ian Liddell-Grainger MP founded the APPTG in 2006 and continues to serve as its Chairman. It is made up of 20 parliamentarians with the purpose of looking at and understanding tax policy at all levels, and particularly tax administration.

The APPTG has produced a series of papers and reports on tax administration and hosted a number of private and public events on a wide range of taxation issues. It has strong links with a broad spectrum of organisations and individuals across the tax space in the UK and internationally. The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) acts as the APPTG’s Secretariat.

ChairmanIan Liddell-Grainger MPCon
Vice-ChairmanKelvin HopkinsLab
TreasurerLord Rees-MoggCB
SecretaryKaren BradleyCon

Twenty qualifying members
Government PartyMain Opposition Party
Steven Baker MP (Con) Lord Filkin (Lab)
David Mowat MP (Con) Lord McKenzie of Luton (Lab)
Lord Hunt of Wirral (Con) Sian C. James (Lab)
Lord Howe of Aberavon (Con) Kevan Jones (Lab)
Gordon Henderson (Con) Lord Haskel (Lab)
Amber Rudd (Con) Paul Flynn (Lab)
Michael Moore (LD) Sir Alan Meale (Lab)
Lord Newby (LD) Teresa Pearce (Lab)

Marius Ostrowski, Head of Research at

Email: marius.ostrowski@parliament.uk
Phone: 07947 997695